Sunday, February 15, 2009

White...American...Boy 11/26/08

And when do they fly back to "Thirty-Seven"? (Thirty-Seven" is the name of the military baracks that the bats come from. There is a hospital that has a garden or foresty type area where the bats hang out. People say there are so many bats there, they completely cover the trees. And they just be right there...the bats and the people...chillin'...). I'm just sayin' cuz the bats fly the same direction everytime I see them. I guess when they fly back it's nightime so you wouldn't really see them anyway. I be kinda hating on the bats, but I can relate to them so much right now. They're just trying to go eat. I just point and stare at them like I'm at the aquarium or something. Like the Ghanaians do to me ALL DAY LONG... WHATEVER I matter how small or great. Yes! I know. I'm a visitor, a stranger in a foreign land, but DAMN. I'm surprised no one has pulled a neck muscle or tripped and fallen the way they stare at me. One little girl today, she was so shocked, her mouth dropped wide open. I kept looking behind me to see if a bull was about to charge me or some dangerous animal was coming. And nothing. Just me. The creature from another planet.

PhotobucketAdia and Portia from across the street. (Accra, Ghana 2008)

It takes everything I have not to unleash my black girl stank. It's already a challenge to mind my face at home so you know your gurl is struggling with the face control meditation. In the middle it's all fascination and wonder. Fear in the beginning. Respect in the end. I get it, but for the last couple days it's been on my nerves. Like... 'Bout to BRREAK on the People on my nerves! They treat me like I'm white unless I tell them otherwise. I'm sure it would be easier to say, "Yes. I am a boy... I am a White...American...Boy. Like Brad Pitt, Justin Timberlake, Mark Wahlberg. I mean that's what I see when I look in the mirror everyday. Lol. There. Now do y

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