Sunday, February 15, 2009

Take The Poison So It Won’t Hurt You 12/5/08

Look fast. Move slow. The ground is on fire, but I don't even worry myself with that anymore. If I was at home I would ask if the fumes were toxic. Now, toxic is relative and intersections are the eye of the storm. In Africa, 'Everything Exists In Nature' is the holy book that tells people what to do and how to do it. The land is Jesus. The people his disciples. Judas is the juju that prevents progress, but holds the hands of the baby while it is learning to walk. Live wires hang from electric poles like raffia skirts on the waist of dances for Ogun. It is possible for one man or woman to do the work of many. Kings and Queens are made of the village. Difficult becomes rigorous, but not un-doable when the family is order. Palm frawn leaves glow in the streetlight as I walk home in the evening. They look like shiny, wet daggers curving down off bent arrows. They tell me where to go. I have been speaking to my enemies in dreams.

PhotobucketEleven by Cece Carpio. (2006)

The scars I've seen on Sekou and Delina's legs from scratching mosquito bites have made their way to mine as well. They're small, but I still have a month and change to go. Today is December 5, 2008. I have been in Ghana for one month. The corn has grown taller. I am skinnier. The lizard with the black body's red face and tail have turned orange. The weather is changing. Although it seems to be getting hotter, breezes come stronger and more often. Bell patterns ring rhythm into my focus. My memory cards are almost full and I am waiting for my money to fill up again. Lesson wise, Gadzo is more like Petwo than Mayi. Black bees at Makola Market seem quicker to sting than to protect. This morning, two hens and a rooster sifted through the charcoal on the street in front of the Amoo house to find food. Take the poison so that it won't hurt you .... and me ....I've been so tired again.

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